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2 Tickets For SW&TH

31 May

Oh my K.Stew heart!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow when the Snow White and The Huntsmen hits theaters. I have been drooling over this Interview magazine shoot with Kris & Charlize. They look so beautiful and chic. Who would have ever guessed looking at these pictures one was a Wicked Queen full of envy and one was a beautiful princess pure and good. In this set I decided to sort of stick with the theme colors of Snow White. Reason being I was inspired by this girl I saw at Disneyland the other night. She was totally hipster and her look was color coordinated to look like Snow’s but in a very cool hip and edgy way. So thank you random hipster for my inspiration! The black peplum top featured is only $31.00!!! What a steal. You can buy it from The yellow skirt is amazing. I love how skin tight it is. Makes for a more sophisticated sexy Miss White. It can be yours for $5.51 euros from Finish the look with a cute blue belt, red bag (Tory Burch..I die)and black pumps!

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Adore <3

31 May

Hey Gals…. I wanted to do a little promotion! The photos here are just some of my favorites from the No Rest For Bridget LookBook Photo-shoot. You can check out more photos and their amazing and affordable styles at

Accessories - Rings - No Rest For Bridget


Inspired By….

31 May

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t Lana Del Rey but it’s a photo shoot inspired by the “Video Games” singer. Wee Khim Captures Lana del Rey Inspired Fashions for May’s Style Singapore. How to get her style? Well think vintage my friend. Lana’s style is a cross between 60’s and 70’s chic. Her makeup always includes a thick cat eye and pink lips. She loves accessories like head bands and little lace gloves. To get her style at a low price try a collared or lace dress like this one from NRFB and a pair of cute pumps. Don’t be afraid to stand out if you want Lana’s Style. It’s quite a glamorous look and it takes a confident woman to pull it off!

Inspired By:


31 May

The Fourth is just around the corner. What will you be wearing when the BBQ starts and the fireworks explode in the sky? I personally love to go patriotic but not too patriotic. Simple stripes and color schemes can show patriotism without looking clique and cheesy. In my set I included an awesome Burberry Brit Cotton-gabardine jacket for when the night air begins to cool down or to keep warm on the water. The striped Fendi Two Tiered Striped Skirt is my favorite. If you cant afford the price tag no problem! It’s a simple red and white skirt. Should be easy to find a cheaper replica. Pair the skirt with a cute white top and flats sandals or wedges! Take one item in your outfit and go literal like the USA flag bag in my set from The Fourth Of July is one of my favorite holidays. Have fun and be safe!

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Summer Edge

31 May

There is nothing I love more than a colored leather jacket, button up and cut off shorts for summer! A great pair of cut offs would have studs! It’s a must and if you have a pair of jeans that you don’t wear anymore….cut them! Make an amazing pair of shorts and add the studs yourself! In my set below I paired an amazing Beige leather jacket by with an edgy mesh button up by The cut offs were found on etsy!!! I also adore the belief crop top! Adds a rock edge. I am really loving fringe this year. It just adds a cool edge to your look. (The photos are from Elle Norway June 2012)

Neon is the New Black…..

30 May

With summer right around the corner a growing trend that has caught my eye is NEON’S! At first I had a 80’s flashbacks to my neon pink LA Gears and thought, I think I’ll pass. But it wasn’t until I saw a NEON Proenza Schouler bag and immediately fell in love with the idea of carrying it all over town. From that bag my obsession with all things NEON grew. I adore NEON clothes, shoes, accessories and oh how I love NEON nail polish (NARS). What can I say, I’m a sucker for a trend that I could never see myself wearing yet find myself obsessed with. Oh how a great designer can work their magic.

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