2 Tickets For SW&TH

31 May

Oh my K.Stew heart!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow when the Snow White and The Huntsmen hits theaters. I have been drooling over this Interview magazine shoot with Kris & Charlize. They look so beautiful and chic. Who would have ever guessed looking at these pictures one was a Wicked Queen full of envy and one was a beautiful princess pure and good. In this set I decided to sort of stick with the theme colors of Snow White. Reason being I was inspired by this girl I saw at Disneyland the other night. She was totally hipster and her look was color coordinated to look like Snow’s but in a very cool hip and edgy way. So thank you random hipster for my inspiration! The black peplum top featured is only $31.00!!! What a steal. You can buy it from republic.co.uk. The yellow skirt is amazing. I love how skin tight it is. Makes for a more sophisticated sexy Miss White. It can be yours for $5.51 euros from http://www.owntherunway.com. Finish the look with a cute blue belt, red bag (Tory Burch..I die)and black pumps!

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