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29 Jun

Not as in hamburger or hot dogs. I’m talking about those messy, braided, bow, low and high buns that are trending world wide. It doesn’t matter if you are a celeb or just a normal woman like me, the bun is an easy classic way to throw your hair up and go. Now if you’re going out to dinner or walking the red carpet your bun must be perfect! Every piece placed perfectly right and no wisps sticking out. Here are some great pictures of buns that I found that I love and have even tried!!! Happy Bun day. =)

The Braided Bun

The Messy Bun

The Twist Bun

The Perfect Bun

The Messy Low Bun With Highlights

The Low Bun With Braids

The Ballerina Bun

The Braided Up Bun

The Ribbon Bun


Ultramarine Green.. Try It or Deny It?

29 Jun

Last night after a lovely dinner with friends we decided to go shopping and catch up more. As we were chatting away I noticed a certain color that invaded an entire section of the store. It was this teal-ish color with more of a green than blue tint to it. My friend who has an online store said “Oh this is a new color for fall” and I immediately fell in love. Every article I picked up I wanted. This shade is so beautiful and I’m so excited for Fall so I can wear it! So the question is ….. TRY IT OR DENY IT? I’m definitely trying it!

Below are a few examples of the brilliant color!

Swimwear Friend or Foe?

28 Jun

Swimwear can be your best friend or your worst enemy! I want to show you all what the stars are sporting for summer and also give you some great bathing suit ideas for a cheap price that I think can suit our different shapes!

J-Lo in a plunging neck full piece. Love the color and the sexiness this suit brings to her already sexy self!

We all know she is VERY pregnant right now so this must have been from last summer but I love it because it’s Nautical inspired and Nautical never goes out especially in swimwear!

Heidi rocks the snake skin!!! This is how you rock animal print. Nice and classy not trashy!

WOW Kate Upton looks amazing in this white bikini! So chic and classy!

(Scroll over picture to get price and where to buy)

Skinnier Gals try these cute looks for a good price!!!

Heavy on the Bottom (Pear-Curvy)

Heavy on Top Smaller on the Bottom

Plus Size Gals

Jessica Alba’s Style

28 Jun

Jessica Alba has been gracing us with amazing red carpet looks over the years but what she has grown to be known for is her street wear. This girl can make comfortable look so chic that I’ve literally been jealous at how much better she got it than me. But with a wardrobe like hers I don’t see how hard that could be. I was recently at the airport and picked up an issue of Peoples Style Magazine and she was gracing the cover. It got me inspired to start a post about different celeb styles! So here is the first ever style post and Congrats it’s about you Jessica!!!

Here Jess is wearing some really cute white shades that are perfect for summer. Her blouse is super chic and she is lightening up the look with a pair of colored jeans! To top it off she rocked some super cute heeled sandals! I give this look a 7 1/2.

Jessica rocks a scarf like no other!! If there is one thing that stands her out from the crowd it’s definitely her love of scarfs! Loving her baby blue jeans, casual white tee and black flats! Her aviator sunnies are so chic! I give this look an 8 because I’d so wear this!

What a cute mom she is and what a cute little girl Honor is! Jess is rocking a rose colored jean with a blue denim vest. She has another amazing scarf and blue sunnies!! But what I love most of all is her neon orange handbag! (Tip- want your outfit to stand out? Add something neon into the mix this summer)This gets an 8 1/2 for sure!

I look at this picture and I just think WOW she got it right. All the pieces are different colors but are from the same color family yet mash so well! The shoes are so amazing!!! Love the scarf and fedora! She looks casual with her sweater and crop pants. I love the colors against her skin. I give this a 9 1/2 out of 10!

Sound off in the comments about Jessica’s style and who you would like to see on the next Celeb Style Post!

She Makes Neon Graffiti Sexy

27 Jun

The beautiful Gisele Bundchen has many titles. There is Mrs. Tom Brady, Mommy, Super Model but featured in the photo shoot below she wears the title Fierce! Gisele graces the July issue of Vogue Brazil wearing neon, fringe and graffiti inspired looks! The set is colorful, young and fun just like the mommy to be again! ❤ "Congrats"

I think she looks stunning! Would I wear the trend here? Yes. The neon. I will leave the graffiti style to the magazine pages. But that's how it goes. Sometimes trends appeal to me and sometimes it appeals to others. Doesn't make me or them wrong. It just means we have different tastes and that is the beauty of fashion.

Gisele July issue of Vogue Brazil

No Rest For Birdget SALE!!!

27 Jun

One of my favorite online stores is relaunching!!! Good news for you! That means everything is on sale! Some stuff so cheap your mouth will drop. Check it out guys!

Try It or Deny It? Glam Stripes

27 Jun

Blake Lively this past weekend showed up to her Savages movie premier in a floor length black and nude tulle striped Zuhair Murad gown. It literally fit her like a glove! She looked beautiful. But it got me wondering… is this a new trend we might see more on the red carpet or out and about? Would you wear the dressed up glam stripes? Below look at Lively’s look and check out my cheaper find/version of the look!

Try this short look from for 40.95 euros

Try this long look from for $100.00

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