Jessica Alba’s Style

28 Jun

Jessica Alba has been gracing us with amazing red carpet looks over the years but what she has grown to be known for is her street wear. This girl can make comfortable look so chic that I’ve literally been jealous at how much better she got it than me. But with a wardrobe like hers I don’t see how hard that could be. I was recently at the airport and picked up an issue of Peoples Style Magazine and she was gracing the cover. It got me inspired to start a post about different celeb styles! So here is the first ever style post and Congrats it’s about you Jessica!!!

Here Jess is wearing some really cute white shades that are perfect for summer. Her blouse is super chic and she is lightening up the look with a pair of colored jeans! To top it off she rocked some super cute heeled sandals! I give this look a 7 1/2.

Jessica rocks a scarf like no other!! If there is one thing that stands her out from the crowd it’s definitely her love of scarfs! Loving her baby blue jeans, casual white tee and black flats! Her aviator sunnies are so chic! I give this look an 8 because I’d so wear this!

What a cute mom she is and what a cute little girl Honor is! Jess is rocking a rose colored jean with a blue denim vest. She has another amazing scarf and blue sunnies!! But what I love most of all is her neon orange handbag! (Tip- want your outfit to stand out? Add something neon into the mix this summer)This gets an 8 1/2 for sure!

I look at this picture and I just think WOW she got it right. All the pieces are different colors but are from the same color family yet mash so well! The shoes are so amazing!!! Love the scarf and fedora! She looks casual with her sweater and crop pants. I love the colors against her skin. I give this a 9 1/2 out of 10!

Sound off in the comments about Jessica’s style and who you would like to see on the next Celeb Style Post!


2 Responses to “Jessica Alba’s Style”

  1. Kitty Fantastica June 29, 2012 at 10:08 am #

    She gets casual style so right. I presume the tattoo in the second picture is fake!

    • edenslove June 29, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

      Nope it’s real!!! At least the magazine I got the picture from says it is??

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