Tom-Kat No More

2 Jul

So I’m sure you all have heard the news that Katie and Tom broke up. Well I’m not one to do gossip posts but I honestly just love Katie Holmes. I have loved her since she was innocent Joey Potter on my favorite TV show of all time Dawson’s Creek. I’m sad that a marriage will end and another family will be broken but I do hope we get Katie back.

I have felt for years that she was not the same happy girl I once loved. Yes she is not a girl anymore, she is a woman and a mother. I understand that but the joy in her, this light she always seemed to have extinguished. I may be the only one who noticed this and that’s ok. I over analyze everything that has to do with Dawson’s Creek and the actors from the show. So enclosing I just want to say best of luck to the both of them but mostly to Suri and since this is a fashion blog not a gossip blog I’m going to post some of my most favorite Katie looks. Let’s face it… in this marriage she did find some amazing style!!!

The famous Crop hair cut!!!

She made Boyfriend jeans HUGE!!!

And then my Celebrity Closet Katie Holmes Set on Polyvore…..

Celebrity Closet


One Response to “Tom-Kat No More”

  1. Kitty Fantastica July 3, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    I hope she finds happiness again. She is such a naturally pretty woman, but her sadness often seemed to mask it.

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