How to dress like a Summer Tourist

10 Jul

Just because you’re not visiting Europe or some exotic place this summer doesn’t mean you cant act or dress like a tourist. Go and tour a nearby city or county instead. You can do just a weekend trip and play up that summer tourist role at a bed and breakfast. Go shop at an outlet mall or explore a local museum. Find local historical landmarks that you never knew about and take a picture of yourself in front of each one. Use your imagination and just have fun. Being open minded can go a long way. Just recently I took a road trip to the Sequoia National Forest. It’s right in my backyard and I never knew how easy and accessible it was. You can do something just as great too!

Below is a set I made on polyvore trying to capture that summer tourist vibe. The photo-shoot surely looks like a girl on vacation so I went with that theme and created what I think is the perfect summer tourist outfit.

This Summer (Do something you would never think of doing)

You will need a collard sleeveless button up blouse. It’s a must when on vacation.

Glamorous blouse

A clean, crisp and fresh A-line skirt screams “I’m a Tourist”!! Belt it for a cuter look!

Rare London skirt

Wedges… Wedges… Wedges… They are comfortable, sophisticated and are really big this summer.

2 Lips Too sandals

Straw bags are not only a bag you would usually carry in the summer but be brave and brighten up your look with a neon color.

Kate Spade tote bag

Cute hat… check

Genie by Eugenia Kim hat

And a great pair of sunnies

Prada sunglasses

Be goofy and pack your passport!!! Show it whenever you’re asked for your ID. Just have fun with it!!


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