Pretty Fall Look “Amber Heard”

23 Aug

I created a set today using a photo shoot of Amber Heard’s. I took the color concept directly from Amber’s wardrobe. I mixed, Black, red, white and teal. I love and adore the leather jacket. Especially in that color. The shoes I adore because they are from Matt Bernson. Check out the set and the items I chose.


Lipsy lace up t shirt
$55 –

Drome biker jacket
$2,165 –

Pencil skirt
$22 –

Wallis black bag

Nicholas King animal jewelry
$155 –

Turquoise jewelry

Slim belt
$77 –

Lip stick

Tom ford perfume
$310 –

Nail polish

Verdolga Plant



One Response to “Pretty Fall Look “Amber Heard””

  1. Kitty Fantastica August 24, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    I really really love the skirt

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