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Try It or Deny It? Glam Stripes

27 Jun

Blake Lively this past weekend showed up to her Savages movie premier in a floor length black and nude tulle striped Zuhair Murad gown. It literally fit her like a glove! She looked beautiful. But it got me wondering… is this a new trend we might see more on the red carpet or out and about? Would you wear the dressed up glam stripes? Below look at Lively’s look and check out my cheaper find/version of the look!

Try this short look from for 40.95 euros

Try this long look from for $100.00


2012’s Biggest Trend? D.I.Y

21 Jun

Yep I’m calling it now. The biggest trend of the year thus far is not pastel or neons. It’s not even prints, peplum’s or high low skirts. It’s the Do It Yourself phenom! Right now on polyvore along with Bing they are promoting a contest in spirit of the DIY phenom. Below is one of my contest entries. Check it out and get inspired! Who said sewing was for grandma’s or your mom? Learn!!! You can do all of these styles for half the price if you do it yourself. It’s easy adding studs and lining your clothes with a cool fabric is so simple! Don’t buy cutoff shorts. Cut a pair of old jeans. Make an old T-shirt into a crop tee and iron on a cool saying. Be creative! I’m a big supporter of creativity! So please do me a favor and just do one DIY this year for yourself. You will thank me and so will your wallet!

Looks to DIY for with the Bing Summer of Doing

DIY Spikes

19 Jun

So my set features spiked flats but really you can do this to anything. Spike your heels, jacket, shorts purse etc etc! Get the spikes from a hardware store, cutter and drill!!! I love the spike trend. So many celebs and people in my county have been rocking the spikes. I’ve seen it on cat walks and I just love the look. Adds a bit of bad girl to any chic look. Check out my set below for some directions and inspiration!

Looks to DIY for with the Bing Summer of Doing

Jersey top
£9 –

Current/Elliott tie dye jean shorts
€136 –

Unif flat shoes
$165 –

Comme des Garcons bag
159 CAD –

Gerard Yosca boho necklace
265 CAD –

Carven acetate sunglasses
$360 –

2b braided belt
$16 –

Eye makeup
$20 –

Rimmel London lipstick
$9.10 –

NARS Cosmetics nail polish
£14 –

€250 –

24 inch Mango Leaf Branch
$3 –

DIY Lace Shorts

19 Jun

DIY Lace Shorts are one of my favorite summer looks!!! I know you can buy them in the store this way but figure this…. you have an old pair of jeans you never wear anymore. CUT them! Then split the seam at the side. Grab some really cute lace fabric and cut in strips to the size you want or leave as one big piece and sew them on the shorts! Wont take more than 30 mins especially if you have a sewing machine. Easy, in style and so super cute. Check out my set below for inspiration!!!

Looks to DIY for with the Bing Summer of Doing

Free People dolman sleeve dress
$898 –

Rag bone v neck cardigan
$568 –

SELECTED silk top
€70 –

Denim shorts
€40 –

Cocobelle suede sandals
$135 –

MABEL bucket bag
$150 –

$350 –

Dorothy Perkins white pearl jewelry
$17 –

Valentino black lace shawl
$306 –

Stella mccartney sunglasses
$225 –

Forever 21 wide belt
$5.80 –

Monday’s Everything For Nothing “Julianne Hough’s Rock Of Ages Red Carpet Style”

11 Jun

This past weekend was the US and London’s red carpet premiere for Rock of Ages. Julianne who plays an inspiring singer in the film stepped out in style on both red carpets! I loved both looks and was really inspired to find summer dresses that resembled Julianne’s for a cheaper price!

Shorten Julianne’s dress with this look by . It’s bright yellow and has cute cutouts. It’s perfect for a summer date night or to go out shopping with cute flat sandals.
French Kiss Go Back Across Dress $30.00

Sticking to a black and white theme try this dress by Spicy Girl from for $22.00!!! You could wear this dress to dinner or out dancing with friends! It’s perfect for a summers night!!

Inspired By….

31 May

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t Lana Del Rey but it’s a photo shoot inspired by the “Video Games” singer. Wee Khim Captures Lana del Rey Inspired Fashions for May’s Style Singapore. How to get her style? Well think vintage my friend. Lana’s style is a cross between 60’s and 70’s chic. Her makeup always includes a thick cat eye and pink lips. She loves accessories like head bands and little lace gloves. To get her style at a low price try a collared or lace dress like this one from NRFB and a pair of cute pumps. Don’t be afraid to stand out if you want Lana’s Style. It’s quite a glamorous look and it takes a confident woman to pull it off!

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