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Miley Chops it Off

14 Aug

Miley decided to cut her hair recently and it is quite the controversy. I’m not questioning why she did it but I’m just wondering how long it will take her to grow her hair out before her wedding to Liam. Makes me think her wedding wont happen anytime soon….

But her hair is cute and rocker-ish. Miley seriously can rock anything. I know she has had some bad responses about it but I think she knows exactly what she is doing. We are all talking about it right?…….

See it works!


AFTER the Cut


Worst Summer Trends

24 Jul

This summer has brought out some amazing styles! The hi-low skirt, neons and pastels. I’m dying over the ombre and cut out tops. Even denim is back in full effect. But these trends are among the good and some were just well…. bad. Check out the worst trends of summer and then sound off in the comments if I missed one!

The over done way too retro HAIR ROLL

Long Pony Tails.. There is a horse somewhere running around without a tail!

Nothing says Grandma like Floral print pants

Half Shaved Heads??? This one I don’t get

Badly Dyed Tips (can be cute on some if done right)

Repeat Offender

Music I Adore <3

20 Jul

So my blog is always about fashion but my second love is Music and when I saw Drive the other day (I know late) I just fell i love with this song and group. The electro 80’s beat hit me like a tun of bricks and I wanted to blast the song over and over!! How amazing are the lyrics? Not only was Drive an amazing movie but the music was incredible. People kept telling me that and I just took forever to sit down and watch it and I’m so happy I did! Ryan Gosling was perfection. I have never seen him like this before. Disturbed, imperfect and really beautifully ordinary. I really felt the music defined his character. Perfection indeed!

“A Real Hero”
(feat. Electric Youth)

Real human being
And a real hero

Back against the wall and odds
With the strength of a will and a cause
Your pursuits are called outstanding
You’re emotionally complex
Against the grain of dystopic claims
Not the thoughts your actions entertain
And you have proved to be

A real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being

A pilot on a cold, cold morn’
One-hundred fifty-five people on board
All safe and all rescued
From the slowly sinking ship

Water warmer than, his head so cool
In that tight bind knew what to do
And you have proved to be

A real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being

Real human being
Real human being

Tacky Trends

11 Jul

Our first ever Tacky trends. These Trends need to be flushed down the toilet never to be seen again!!! Sound off in the comments if I missed a tacky trend that is worthy to be flushed!

Pajama’s….. Leave it in the bedroom please!

Prairie Floral’s…. If your name isn’t Laura Ingalls then please don’t rock it!

See Through…. If your wearing clothes we don’t need to see you’re privates thank you! Thinking my problem is strictly with Rihanna.

Royal Hats…. Should get the royal flush!!

Lea Michele’s Fall 2012 Candie’s Campaign

11 Jul

Lea Michele has got to be the cutest little thing ever so it was no surprise to see her in the new fall 2012 Candie’s ad. In the shoot below Lea plays with balloons, boys and bags of shoes! Every girls dream right? The color mix of teals and pinks pop and is just plain darling. The whole shoot screams Candie’s. I love it!! What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments.

My Lea Michele Candie’s set on polyvore

Lea Michelle for Candies

Ashley Greene Covers Esquire Magazine’s 2012 August Issue

9 Jul

Bella might be the new vampire in the Cullen clan but Ashley Greene is surely the sexiest! The Model turned Actress covers Esquire magazine’s August issue looking sexier than ever! Here is a set I made featuring the shoot on Polyvore.

Soft & Pretty

Rihanna Covers Harper’s Bazaar US August Issue

9 Jul

Rihanna best known for her pop music and sexy fashion graces the cover of Harper’s Bazaar August 2012 issue donning an array of designer fashions from Alexander Wang, Tom Ford to Balmain. The soft editorial shoot showed off pieces from their 2012 fall collection which screams elegance and beauty.
Below are images from the shoot and a set I made on Polyvore featuring the Balmain dress the Barbadian singer is rocking. In the article Rihanna discusses sex, music & living life in the public eye with Laura Brown. To read an excerpt from the article follow the link to the Haper’s Bazzar website

Every All clothing items featured in this set are by Balmain

Rih Rih In Balmain

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