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Worst Summer Trends

24 Jul

This summer has brought out some amazing styles! The hi-low skirt, neons and pastels. I’m dying over the ombre and cut out tops. Even denim is back in full effect. But these trends are among the good and some were just well…. bad. Check out the worst trends of summer and then sound off in the comments if I missed one!

The over done way too retro HAIR ROLL

Long Pony Tails.. There is a horse somewhere running around without a tail!

Nothing says Grandma like Floral print pants

Half Shaved Heads??? This one I don’t get

Badly Dyed Tips (can be cute on some if done right)

Repeat Offender

Tastemakers with the Bing Summer of Doing Contest on Polyvore

12 Jul

And the winner is………… ME!!! I won first place! I am so excited I had to share it with my blog readers. I want to visit New York so badly and I love Sushi so the thought of eating sushi in Manhattan inspired my set! The outfit I thought looked very city chic. Something I could see Olivia P. wearing out and about. Here is the link to the contest on Polyvore . If you haven’t joined this site join now! It’s an amazing site.

Tastemakers with the Bing Summer of Doing

City Stroll

12 Jul

The photo shoot shot by Zoltan Tombor for Grazia Italy has model Andressa Fontana strolling around the city wearing casual yet chic denim looks. Andressa is rocking looks from Prada, Jimmy Choo, Sportmax, Max&Co, Blugirl, Guess, Tabitha Simmons, Christian Louboutin and Hogan. Below is a set I made on Polyvore featuring the set and photos from the shoot! Andressa looks like a version of Katie Holmes and Jessie J. She is gorgeous!

City Stroll

My set contains a cute denim tie top, white tank blouse with pockets, grey pants and cute brown accessories! Here is where you can find the items!


Joie top

Hope capri

MICHAEL Michael Kors tote bag

Lanvin sandals

Tacky Trends

11 Jul

Our first ever Tacky trends. These Trends need to be flushed down the toilet never to be seen again!!! Sound off in the comments if I missed a tacky trend that is worthy to be flushed!

Pajama’s….. Leave it in the bedroom please!

Prairie Floral’s…. If your name isn’t Laura Ingalls then please don’t rock it!

See Through…. If your wearing clothes we don’t need to see you’re privates thank you! Thinking my problem is strictly with Rihanna.

Royal Hats…. Should get the royal flush!!

How to dress like a Summer Tourist

10 Jul

Just because you’re not visiting Europe or some exotic place this summer doesn’t mean you cant act or dress like a tourist. Go and tour a nearby city or county instead. You can do just a weekend trip and play up that summer tourist role at a bed and breakfast. Go shop at an outlet mall or explore a local museum. Find local historical landmarks that you never knew about and take a picture of yourself in front of each one. Use your imagination and just have fun. Being open minded can go a long way. Just recently I took a road trip to the Sequoia National Forest. It’s right in my backyard and I never knew how easy and accessible it was. You can do something just as great too!

Below is a set I made on polyvore trying to capture that summer tourist vibe. The photo-shoot surely looks like a girl on vacation so I went with that theme and created what I think is the perfect summer tourist outfit.

This Summer (Do something you would never think of doing)

You will need a collard sleeveless button up blouse. It’s a must when on vacation.

Glamorous blouse

A clean, crisp and fresh A-line skirt screams “I’m a Tourist”!! Belt it for a cuter look!

Rare London skirt

Wedges… Wedges… Wedges… They are comfortable, sophisticated and are really big this summer.

2 Lips Too sandals

Straw bags are not only a bag you would usually carry in the summer but be brave and brighten up your look with a neon color.

Kate Spade tote bag

Cute hat… check

Genie by Eugenia Kim hat

And a great pair of sunnies

Prada sunglasses

Be goofy and pack your passport!!! Show it whenever you’re asked for your ID. Just have fun with it!!

Fruit Prints… Try it or Deny it?

9 Jul

Dolce & Gabbana have created a print monster! Not saying the print is ugly but it’s everywhere!!! Almost everywhere I turn I see their spring vegetables in editorials, on magazine covers, runways and red carpets. What’s with these vegetable/fruit loving people?

Would you try it or deny it?

Personally I would deny it. If you’re not wearing it in a magazine shoot or walking the red carpet you will look out of place. Frankly I think the print is too strong for everyday life but that’s just me. I guess I’m just not brave enough. Don’t want tomatoes to be thrown at me…. Just saying.

Hope you ALL had a great Fourth Of July!!

5 Jul

America’s birthday was yesterday and I was out enjoying family and friends. I didn’t get a chance to create a post. Sorry about that! So this may be late but it’s better than never HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO YOU ALL! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday even though it felt like (in the words of my sister) a FAKE FRIDAY.

Happy Fourth!!!

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