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Miley Cyrus Rocks at the MTV Music Awards

7 Sep

First let me say I may be biased so now that we got that out of the way HOW FREAKING AMAZING DID SHE LOOK?
Seriously her hair is so edgy and cute. I think she rocks it. She has such a cute young face and when you add the hair it matures her. It makes her looks sexy. I love it. Wondering why it took her so long to do it.

Miley pulled her hair up last night in a sort of punk rock pompadour hairstyle. It looked so cute and edgy. The Emilio Pucci long black sheer dress with an amazing plunging neckline made the girl shine. She looked amazing!

Below is a set I made on Polyvore featuring pics from the red carpet!

Miss Cyrus @ MTV Music Awards


Matt Bernson Shoes

20 Aug

Matt Bernson an ex-construction worker now exquisite New York Shoe designer, is located in Tribeca off of Greenwich street and is known for his luxurious shoes for women. His shoes are hand crafted in artisinal workshop factories made of the best eco-responsible materials and are made with advanced comfort-engineering. Sex + Comfort is their motto. Their shoes can been seen in numerous magazines anywhere from InStyle to Lucky Magazine and on blogs by Trop Rogue and more. I have used many of his shoes in my Polyvore sets! I’m in love. I saw his shoes on Trop Rogue’s tumblr and fell in love. Little did I know… before I knew who Matt Bernson was, I ordered a pair of his ballet flats from Bluefly. I got a gift card and I loved the flats so I got them. Either it’s coincidence or I’m just that good. I tend to agree with both. Shoes range from $100.00 to $350.00. Gisele, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, Amanda Seyfried, SJP, Kate Hudson, Miley Cyrus and more have been seen rocking Matt Bernson shoes!

Website: http://www.mattbernson.com/

My Faves:

Jagger $264
Black+Brown Viper

Jagger $319
Giamaican Pony

Jardin Glitter $218
Charcoal Suede/Black+Silver

Huxley $264
Black/Black+Brown Viper

Nico $218
Safari Suede/Nero

Ambler $231
Black Suede

Gitanes Pony $196
Olive Leopard

Waverly Cap Toe $143
Dark Brown/Bronze

Waverly $143
Black+Brown Viper (These are mine)

KM Gladiator $169
Black/Black Special

Oxford $275
Tempest Black

Miley Chops it Off

14 Aug

Miley decided to cut her hair recently and it is quite the controversy. I’m not questioning why she did it but I’m just wondering how long it will take her to grow her hair out before her wedding to Liam. Makes me think her wedding wont happen anytime soon….

But her hair is cute and rocker-ish. Miley seriously can rock anything. I know she has had some bad responses about it but I think she knows exactly what she is doing. We are all talking about it right?…….

See it works!


AFTER the Cut

Miley Cyrus Covers Marie Claire September 2012 issue

6 Aug

The ever so fashionably edgy Miley Cyrus covers the September issue of Marie Claire. Inside she talks about her “surprise” engagement to Liam Hemsworth. Miley is rocking styles from Kanye West, Tom Ford, Versace and Aquilano. Rimondi. Personally I think she looks brilliant. The shoot has sort of a rustic futuristic vibe that suits Miley’s edgy style. Below is my set I created on Polyvore using styles from Aquilano. Rimondi.


Here are a few images from the shoot

Oh Miley Why?

20 Jul

Why oh why am I obsessed with this girls style? To think I would be in love with this scantily clad, bad girl, who was a former Disney Channel actress portraying an annoying character called Hannah Montana. Why….

Is it because I love her hair? Why.. yes!
Is it because I love her nose piercing? Why.. yes!
Is it because her tattoos make me want to get inked? Why.. yes!
Is it because I want to shop in her closet? Why.. yes!

So yes…. Call me a Miley Cyrus fan! And check out her latest movie LOL. It’s really cute, fun and the music is great in the film.

Some Street Wear for you

Red Carpet Looks

Congrats Miley & Chris

7 Jun

So many of you have heard today that Miley Cyrus and Chris Hemsworth got engaged (congrats Hannah & Gale) and for those who haven’t, well you are learning the news here! Congrats to the beautiful young couple. I truly wish them all the best and happiness that marriage has to offer. So in celebration of Miley’s big news I decided to do a montage of some of my favorite looks from her! Enjoy….

And I had to include the engagement RING!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so beautiful!!!

Colorful Leather Jackets

6 Jun

This trend is one of my favorites. I am already a die hard leather jacket fan so when I saw that leather jackets were making a HUGE come back this year and in a colorful way I was thrilled! I have seen some awesome jackets in neons, pastels, natural hues, reds, blues and greens! So trendy and chic! Take a look at some celebs who are rockin this style beautifully and a few leather jackets that are my faves and some cheaper alternatives.

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