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Del Rey Down Under

5 Sep

Lana Del Rey looks beautiful in Gucci in the new Australia Vogue’s October issue. So far the only thing that’s been released is the cover, an official photo and behind the scenes photos. In the interview Lana talks fashion.

“I never expressed myself through fashion. I loved flowers in my hair, I loved guys who wore leather, but I didn’t get creative… From the age of about seven I had really specific tastes that never changed. I loved wearing white, old fur and gold. It’s funny because now people in fashion kind of came to my rescue when other people said they didn’t like the record but that was unexpected for me because I was never really that. I wear lots of white and blue shirts from Brooks Brothers and shorts when I’m in LA, and I wear this white cotton sundress every day when no-one’s looking at me. I think it’s Topshop.”

I personally love Lana’s music and was kinda sad to read her quote about a new album.

“I said everything I needed to say before I wrote this record. I don’t even talk that much. God, talking in interviews is the most I’ve talked in years.”

Check out my set on polyvore below featuring the amazing photo shoot….

Lana Del Vogue


Music I Adore <3

20 Jul

So my blog is always about fashion but my second love is Music and when I saw Drive the other day (I know late) I just fell i love with this song and group. The electro 80’s beat hit me like a tun of bricks and I wanted to blast the song over and over!! How amazing are the lyrics? Not only was Drive an amazing movie but the music was incredible. People kept telling me that and I just took forever to sit down and watch it and I’m so happy I did! Ryan Gosling was perfection. I have never seen him like this before. Disturbed, imperfect and really beautifully ordinary. I really felt the music defined his character. Perfection indeed!

“A Real Hero”
(feat. Electric Youth)

Real human being
And a real hero

Back against the wall and odds
With the strength of a will and a cause
Your pursuits are called outstanding
You’re emotionally complex
Against the grain of dystopic claims
Not the thoughts your actions entertain
And you have proved to be

A real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being

A pilot on a cold, cold morn’
One-hundred fifty-five people on board
All safe and all rescued
From the slowly sinking ship

Water warmer than, his head so cool
In that tight bind knew what to do
And you have proved to be

A real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being

Real human being
Real human being

Everything For Nothing “CMT Style”

7 Jun

Country had one of it’s most important nights tonight and fashion was in full effect! Wanna look like the country award stars at your next BIG EVENT but cant afford that hefty price tag…. Don’t worry. Here are some of the nights top looks for half maybe even more than half the price. SHHHH….. Our little secret!

Carrie Underwood stunned in this sparkle silver Randi Rahm mini.

Try this sparkle dress by MALENE BIRGER from flannelsfashion.com for $125.00

Kristen Bell stunned in a floor length gold sparkle gown by Reen Acra.

Try this long gold dress by Kay Unger New York at shopstyle.com for $378.00

Ashley Greene showed up in a really pretty blush pink embellished feather dress by Donna Karan Atelier.

Try this flirty fun dress by Sue Wong from Bluefly.com for $210.40

Hilary Scott showed up in a curve fitting black V neck Herve Leger dress.

Try this black deep V-Neck dress by James Perse at Barneys.com for $119.00

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