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Victoria’s Secret Fall Campaign

5 Sep

Victoria released it’s fall campaign featuring the beautiful Chanel Iman and Karlie Kloss! I made 3 sets using all of the pictures from the campaign. Looks like they will be featuring those wonderful fall tones like Olive green, gold and Electric blue. They also kept it classic with black pieces and continuing with the summer denim trend. Enjoy!!

V.S #Best Friends

<3 Chanel

With Love by Karlie <3


Neon is the New Black…..

30 May

With summer right around the corner a growing trend that has caught my eye is NEON’S! At first I had a 80’s flashbacks to my neon pink LA Gears and thought, I think I’ll pass. But it wasn’t until I saw a NEON Proenza Schouler bag and immediately fell in love with the idea of carrying it all over town. From that bag my obsession with all things NEON grew. I adore NEON clothes, shoes, accessories and oh how I love NEON nail polish (NARS). What can I say, I’m a sucker for a trend that I could never see myself wearing yet find myself obsessed with. Oh how a great designer can work their magic.

Taste The Rainbow
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